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Residencies '19 - '20

Eva De Leener

The work of Eva De Leener (1978) includes drawings, paintings, triptychs, sculptures, texts and poems.
Within her practice she searches for stories, myths, legends and symbols from different religions and cultures, which she mixes with autobiographical elements to form a personal iconography.
Several storylines merge into a colourful and uncanny universe in which the human figure in various forms is central. Motifs as archetypes, the eye, the black hole, the cross, hands, ponds, fire and animals are important. From this perspective, the work can be interpreted as the container of a bygone history in which the viewer’s memory, wonder and imagination are addressed.
During her residency in the Frans Masereel Centre, Eva De Leener made a series of screen prints in which she was inspired by things such as old card games.

General Residency
05.10.2015 - 13.11.2015


arcanum (back)silkscreen fmc

HEE, 2015

arcanum (front)silkscreen fmc


SJIEN, 2015

LAMED, 2015

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