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Residencies '19 - '20

Endi Poskovic

A critical element in my graphic work is the placement of invented phrases that are cut in wood and printed below the images. Created in actual and faux Romance and Germanic languages, the captions contribute to interpretations that may simultaneously appear to be real and fictitious, rational and absurd. The resulting conceptual line between the act of reading the text and imagining the place becomes ambiguous and serves to prod the viewer to construct meaning. Coherence and disconnection between the text and the images is intended to engage the viewer. The connection between the two, however, could be anything.
At Frans Masereel Centrum, I have been working in stone lithography and digital animation incorporating photographic/cinematographic visual narratives into my new work. Collaborative in nature, my current project, Crossing, invokes the feeling present in the classic works of Romanticism such as the paintings of Frederic Edwin Church and Caspar David Friedrich. Simple, eloquent transitions from image to image, such as an iceberg gradually morphing into a cloud, create familiar, yet unsettling experiences. I see the hybrid blend of drawing, print, and animation as creating an amalgam of possibilities, in which the unfamiliar becomes almost tactile, while the familiar (rocks, clouds, water) provides a handhold on reality.

Endi Poskovic was educated in Yugoslavia, Norway, and the United States. He has exhibited extensively representing the US in major international Print Biennials and Triennials. His work is in numerous public collections worldwide, including Harvard University Fogg Art Museum and and Philadelphia Museum of Art amongst others. Poskovic has been awarded Guggenheim, Rockefeller-Bellagio, Pollock-Krasner, Camargo, MacDowell fellowships and many others. He is Professor of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.

General Residency
21.05.2012 - 27.07.2012


While I wassleeping

Under All Flags

Spomenberg stone

We Were All

Halfteberg stone

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