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Residencies '19 - '20

Elisabeth Jackson

Temporal experiences in the illuminated landscape
The study and appreciation of temporal experiences in a landscape involves familiarity. To be familiar with something allows you to recognise nuanced differences. Recognition is a reciprocal act – to be familiar with a changing thing is to become aligned to its rhythm – a flow over time. Alignment involves being attuned, a process that requires deep looking and repetition. To know this moment, this day, this place, is to also have known it before. Knowledge in this sense is as much an imprint of experience than any learned thing.
Serial objects and sequential works on paper generate forms of time-based notation. The methodical working processes I devise also involve a chronological pattern of production, each component part another marker in the time-bound action of making.


Print title:
LIGHT TEMPO Field of Grasses (diptych)

Sistemas Efímeros FIELD STUDY 22.05.13
Provincia de Almería, Andalucía.

Detailed field observations at the Sistemas Efímeros site, made over one hour on May 22nd 2013, informed this new work exploring the fluctuations of movement and light across the terrace. The grasses on the terrace acted as a conduit for sunlight and air, their delicate turbulence defining the spatial illumination of the site.

The sequential works investigate transitory movement held in an individual print, and an accumulative rhythm generated by a pair of prints. Small incidents of light reflected from the seed heads of the grasses held just above the ground are the focus of the work. This study articulates something of the nebulous luminosity occurring in Terraza One.

key ideas
> ephemeral motion
> choreography in print
> print as a recording, a transcript of process
> printing as a performative action [variation, movement and time]
> the chronology of making / the chronology of the made

General Residency
14.10.2013 - 08.11.2013



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