Frans Masereel Centre is a place where national and international artists, researchers and graphic designers reside, meet and experiment.

Masereeldijk 5
2460 Kasterlee, BE

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Residencies '19 - '20

Elien Ronse

I picture my environment the way it is and I use these photo’s to paint, draw, make graphic art and installations. Domestic things and interior are central in my work, things as packages, cabinets, racks, boxes and much more. They’re fascinating me by their form, past, major presence and commutability. This fascination started by visiting second hand shops and flea markets. I’m curious about the stuff you can find there; who invented them, who bought them, what’s happened with them and why where they threw away?

In the Frans Masereel centre I was intrigued by the triangle bungalows where artists live in when they do a residency. There were eight of them, al with the same typical architecture, interior and furniture. They were an exact copy from each other. And still every bungalow showed a glimpse from the person who lived in it. I pictured the interior and the objects, these photographs I used to make etchings and linoleums, they are to me a special reminder about the centre.

General Residency
02.07.2012 - 27.07.2012






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