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Residencies '19 - '20

Elian Stolarsky

FRANS MASEREEL CENTRUM april-may 2014_about the work
Apócrifos, de la serie de Inventarios /Apocrypha, from the serie Inventory

“Ir vet, kinder, elter vern,
Vet ir aleyn farshteyn,
Vifl in di oysyes lign trern,
Un vi fil geveyn.”

“When you grow older, children,
You will understand by yourselves,
How many tears lie in these letters,
And how much lament.”

Fragment of the jiddish song Oyfn Pripetshik
Plexiglass and cotton as the result. Faces, objects and letters. A fake alphabet that plays with the idea of fiction and reality. The letters as keys  that open different doors; the objects as triggers, highlighters of memories; the faces as the witnesses of this process. An illustrated alphabet carved into plexiglass that has its own shadows. Old and new at the same time. Etchings on fabric that suggest past/time , process and tradition. The action of scratching as a way to record memories in order to never forget. In order to stay always alive.

Elian Stolarsky

General Residency
28.04.2014 - 30.05.2014


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