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Residencies '19 - '20

Dieter Durinck

During my residency in the Frans Masereel Centrum I wanted to try and make a small scale CMYK screenprint publication that featured different kinds of processed found imagery like enlarged analog photocopies, stills from VCR recordings, abstract shapes from different sources, digital images...
In all these different kinds of images I'm not so much interested in what is being shown, but rather how they are all constructed and how certain aspects change going through different media. They all investigate in an indirect formal way certain inherent qualities of the different media like the grain and the color saturation. I did not want to try and make very technically correct screenprints, due to working too fast and never really trying to register the different layers correctly many errors occurred. These sometimes add some new, kind of painterly elements to the images.

Later I made some larger scale versions of some of these images, printed mostly in a dark purple that gave these prints a xerox-like vibe. Some of these were printed on polypropylene panels, a material commonly used for industrial screenprinting, mostly for outdoor construction purposes. These kind of panels normally hold the names and logo's of contractors and are hung on construction sites as advertising. I think the linear plastic structure works well with the grain of the purple images I printed on them. In these larger prints technical printing errors also constantly occurred like too much or too little ink, because of wrongly applied pressure. They make the process of the printing itself visible within the image, not very different from some process driven abstract painting...

General Residency
04.11.2013 - 29.11.2013


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