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Residencies '19 - '20

David Farrar

During this six week residency I have continued exploring the possibilities of using found objects within a printmaking context. I wanted to try burning the objects I had found and reduce them first to charcoal and then to a fine ash by grinding the pieces in a pestle and mortar. I have used this ash, or ink, to make a series of prints that correspond to each particular object.
These works relate to my wider artistic practice as I am interested in the relationship between form and function. By physically breaking down the forms of these objects, reducing them to their raw parts or materials, I can then reconfigure them within an artistic framework so that they take on new identities. They are elevated from utilitarian objects on the floor to pieces of art on the wall. I hope through this transformation the viewer can see the forms and materials from an altered perspective.
I am also interested in representation and authenticity, when one thing takes on the appearance of something else. This is something apparent in the prints I have made here, which have the same tonal values and delicate nature normally associated with charcoal drawings.

General Residency
06.01.2014 - 14.02.2014


David Farrar - plantstand

David Farrar - box

David Farrar - cabinet

David Farrar - footstool

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