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Residencies '19 - '20

Conny Kuilboer

During my working periode at Frans Masereel Centrum I focused for six weeks on silkscreening. It is a printing technique I worked with long ago, but that I wanted to explore again. I experimented with grids, transparent inks and mixing colours. By tearing shapes out of paper and light them onto a screen, but also by colouring directly onto the screen with pencils that are water dissolvent, to print these again with onto the paper with transparent ink.

To focus on a few series:

A girl doesn’t travel light / series of silkscreens of collected objects. This title refers to me. My whole life, I've been collecting objects that I find inspiring and that become dear to me and that I can't let go anymore: toys, old photographs, cameras, rarities and wonderful objects. But preciousness can become heavy. What does precious mean if you put it away in a box and leave it there, waiting for a new encounter? Then this cherishing gets a sour twang to it. I exposed a part of my collection on a light sensitive plate and turned them into silkscreens at the Frans Masereel Centrum. Layer upon layer, colour upon colour, these objects were decomposed onto the flat surface. Escaped from the box.  

Characters / The World Needs A Narrative  In this series of silkscreens, I examined how the character of typography dissolves into the layeredness of the colours. I printed the letters onto each other in transparent inks, each time beginning with the last letter of the word. Though the words are hard to read, the relationship between them becomes clearer, especially in the repetition of shapes and lines.

General Residency
28.06.2013 - 02.08.2013


Conny Kuilboer - 01the

Conny Kuilboer - 02world

Conny Kuilboer - 03needs

Conny Kuilboer - 05narrative

Conny Kuilboer - 06theworldneedsanarrative

Conny Kuilboer - knikkerbaan

Conny Kuilboer - boompjes

Conny Kuilboer - lineaal

Conny Kuilboer - viewmaster

Conny Kuilboer - wolletje

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