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Residencies '19 - '20

Claudia Regueiro Puigdevall

Claudia Regueiro, Barcelona 1994. Currently based in London.

The project done during the residency was mainly using stone lithography and was based on printing techniques such as the repetition and multiples. It started as a substitution not only owing  to a negation of stable results but also due to an interest in learning and investigating in new mediums. To make tof the process a tool of speculation and productive thought which became the motor for producing material which was reworked, reused and reordered. A process of research and knowledge of the medium guided by rupture, error and variations in exploration, contemplating the choice of working back to front and freely in the use of materials and methodologies. To turn the printing medium upside down - the subversion as a method - without leaving aside certain concepts that were constant in previous works, such as the idea of time as a register.

One of the objectives during the residency was to see how images are modified in all their differrent states, so as to note changes and constant movements. The research on the printmaking field became a primary motor so it became the project, an investigation of the materials and the procedures, changing the nature of some techniques, modifying their origin and subverting the medium to obtain new graphic results, opening a gap between chance and premeditated movement.


General Residency
20.02.2017 - 31.03.2017


Claudia Regueiro

Claudia Regueiro

Claudia Regueiro

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