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Residencies '19 - '20

Christopher Corey Allen

Christopher Corey Allen was born in 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. He lives and works in Detroit, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a BA in Fine Art from the University of Minnesota (2007), and is a candidate for an MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art (2018).

Christopher’s diverse practice combines video and print media, sculpture, performance and psaligraphy. Taking inspiration from subjects as varied as cinema, religion, mythology, anthropology, comedy, theatre, alternative and popular culture. "The characters in my work exist in the intersection between real and imagined wherein multiple narratives appear. They are used to explore ways of recontextualizing the body to understand one’s personal mythology, ritual, and the plurality of which in these can exist." Interested in how folklore and myth can be used to discuss contemporary issues, he uses a constructed set of visuals and vocabulary to investigate the mythology of his subjects through the use of allegory, symbolism and pattern.

Currently, Christopher’s work is inspired by mythological and contemporary archetypes that exhibit gender and form variability, complexify the masculine-feminine binary and disobey normal rules through unconventional behavior. Archetypes such as the trickster, the diva, and the hero. He is interested in how these archetypes can be used to exhibit gender and form variability and the masculine-feminine continuity. Representations of fixation & repetition, fetishization, comedic act, and figurative appetite become aesthetic tools in this examination. Unconventional behavior and the uncanny become a ritual in bodily exploration and as metaphor for the performance of daily life and the limits to which we act in order to maintain social norms. Christopher is fascinated by the space between the presented self and the interpreted self, both by the outside and inside. For some this space is large and for others it is quite small.

General Residency
03.07.2017 - 04.08.2017


beetjuice still


untitled (arancia rossa)

untitled(ball net jump)

beads 3 channel still

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