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Residencies '19 - '20

Carolina Cerbaro

The topic of optical illusions and illusory objects embraces different fields of perception: visual, content, formal, objective, synesthesic, sensual, paranormal etc. In Design the visual perception is basic. The study is concerned with the use and interrelation of shape, colour and composition/space and its effect. Hence an interesting field of research is opening up. The folder Illusions – Studies I presents first research and inspiration images, designed and realised in different printing techniques including manual offset printing, lithography and four-colour print in silkscreen. At the same time my own printing technique skills were deepened.

A geometric shape is chosen and its mathematical structure explored. Different series of compositions were evaluated for impact including variables and rhythm as factors. Technical printing circumstances in silkscreen influence the aesthetic practice and inspire experimentation. The results of Optical Illusions are presented in poster format. This work is to be continued.

General Residency
13.10.2014 - 17.11.2014


Illusory Objects 03

Illusory Objects 02

Illusions Studies I Research

Optical Illusions 01

Optical Illusions 02


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