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Residencies '19 - '20

Britt Kootstra

"At times drawing from early film history, when film was above all a tribute and celebration of the medium itself, my works make use of the fact that film is both a concrete medium of colour, light and sound and an illusory vehicle for intangible concepts. I use the medium of analogue film for film installations, short films and live cinema performances. My work invites the viewer to enter up a space of an elsewhere, that connects the ulterior to the interior. Where patterns are re-interpreted so that they connect the actual and the imagined, conventional truth and subjective experience, structure and agency. Nowadays, there seems but little space for an emergence of the other – a situation, a routine, a person that is different; a space for those who fail to fit in. My objective is to open up a third space, where both the one and the other have a raison d’être, where contact and discourse occurs.

My working method in general can be defined by this experimental approach to narrative and non-narrative film making and different modes of representation. It elicits a restructuring of our experiences. In my film installations and short films, the physicality of the medium and the ephemerality of concept are juxtaposed in equivalence. Revealing and unraveling the organism is the result of an investigation into the perception of analogue film and the image’s surface. The object of the residency at Frans Masereel Centre is to use the cinematic archive as a point of departure to new work.

My working method is an act of translation where the original images become a foundation for creating new. A new composition is produced by employing existing films that are subsequently decoded and reconstituted. Motion pictures, that have become disposable and disposed items, become raw material again. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain raw filmstock as major manufacturer discontinue more and more film stocks and formats. For this project the progressive disappearance of the medium of analogue film is seized as a possibility to interpret the frames shot over decades. 35mm polyester prints of motion pictures are deconstructed. The frames are transformed by printing and bleaching. The manipulated filmstrips are re-edited into a new short film."

General Residency
07.11.2016 - 09.12.2016


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