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Residencies '19 - '20

Barbara Schulz

"For the majority of my life I have created comic books and prints. 

My artwork is fused between the written and the visual languages. I speak in a narrative language, with story over illustration being my goal. My work is also about reproduced multiples, and how no two copies are exactly the same, just as no story twice read is exactly the same. New meanings are derived from each viewing; a subtle shift in position of a printing plate can create a magical effect that lends a new nuance to a work. [...]

In my career as a comic artist, I have worked on comic books that entertained, educated, and on ones that explore more personal themes. With the comics I self-publish I handprint and bind a small run edition. Each individual copy slightly different and unique, just as each reader will have his or her own unique read of the comic, adding to the works value."

General Residency
14.05.2012 - 08.06.2012


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