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Residencies '19 - '20

Asuka Ohsawa

Stories have always played a significant role in my life. Early childhood literacy was highly valued and encouraged by my parents, and books were ever-present in my childhood home. As an inevitable consequence of growing up in Japan, my daily life was also saturated with manga and anime, and acquiring the abilities and skills to convey stories through visual means became one of my aspirations throughout my youth. Such childhood imprint has cast a lifelong influence upon my present creative endeavors, and I continue to take great pleasure in spinning imaginary tales of my own, jotting them down in drawings, prints, and other visual mediums.
My stories tend to appear as a collection of individual vignettes joined together through various contextual frameworks. I often utilize the format of Japanese emaki (hand-held narrative scrolls) and connect individual drawings together in a way that they'll form a continuous panoramic view, and I sometimes use installation to create an environment in which individual drawings are to be read as a cohesive body of work. Recently I became interested in books as a physical framework to arrange and organize seemingly random images into a cohesive narrative form. The images are usually more suggestive than specific, and viewers are invited to create their own narratives as they move through the collection of my images and try to make a connection from one image to the next.

General Residency
02.04.2012 - 27.04.2012








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