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Residencies '19 - '20

Andrea Wilkinson

For the past 10 years, I have been lecturing in design, first in New Zealand for 6 years and since 2010, Lecturer and Researcher at the MAD-faculty (KHLIM/PHL) in Hasselt and Genk, Belgium. As a designer, artist, educator and writer, I work across discipline and media, using design as a verb (the act of designing) instead of merely as a noun (the end result). Originally working with print-based graphic design and layout, a wider interpretation of design has allowed me to respond both individually and collaboratively to such varied topics as identity and loss to designing for dementia across a wide range of (new) media.

For the Frans Masereel writing residency, I developed a project called KeepDelete. Stemming from a typography assignment I give my design students, KeepDelete explores text messages as typographic artefact. For KeepDelete, I invited international designers to design artefacts of messages that were ‘wanting to be kept’, either from their own personal repository of digitally-based messages or from their circle of friends and family. Educators were also invited to use this as an assignment in their curriculum. Culminating in a book, educators were also invited to submit essays/reflections looking at the role of (graphic) design in relation to contemporary means of communication, design as a method for artefact production, the relationship between media-based communication and typographic form, etc.

In addition to the Frans Masereel residency, KeepDelete was also featured in the city of Bilzen's Manifesta parallel event, Tesi  Samanunga in which the citizens of Bilzen were invited to submit messages or text-fragments to a team of designers who would then generate typographic artifacts/artoworks for them.

The book and companion website will be launched in Kasterlee in early November and be available for purchase from online retailers.?

General Residency
04.07.2012 - 27.07.2012





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