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Residencies '19 - '20

Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez

Barcelona (°1985)

"My thoughts cover a subjective world of ideas, intuitions and instincts. That feelings are brought by the memory of the body being in the world. The infinity is presented by the most extraordinary thoughts. That endless space is imagined through memories of specific times and daily habits. This research is materialized by images, sensitive and specific bodies that try to recreate an infinite mental space.
The sublime is experienced in regions of extreme nature, but it is also perceived in moments so daily that almost go unnoticed, what Marcel Duchamp called as “inframince” -infralight- moments.
In the most anodyne day to day I live some sublime gestures that connect me with the simple event of life, filling a symptomatic existencial void.
The attentive observation of daily life and a sensitive perception of specific moments makes me understand the world in relation to these infralight moments. I traduce this moments of perception to “infralight bodies”, objects containing the infinite instant that places me in the world through the sense of sight as an extension of the touch."

General Residency
24.04.2017 - 19.05.2017


Imagen 4, From the sublime to the postinframince, aluminium plate inked for mezzotint, 50x75cm

What I see when I close my eyes, lithograph on cotton paper, 75x107cm

What I see when I close my eyes I, lithograph on cotton paper, 75x107cm

Magic gelb, installation of 12 paper cilinders

Imagen 13, From the sublime to the postinframince, pinhole photograph, 50x50

From the sublime to the postinframince, Frabra i Coats, Barcelona 2016

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