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Bookshop deal 2 - Interplay

Slavs and Tatars; Amy Sillman; Nora Turato


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  • Catalogue, jig saw puzzle, postcard set  

Bookshop deal 2 – Interplay offers the overview catalogue ‘Look Book’ by Slavs and Tatars, a ‘Puzzle’ by Nora Turato and a postcard set by Amy Sillman

  • Look Book – Slavs and Tatars
    Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition, Лук Бук offers a comprehensive overview of Slavs and Tatars’ printed matter. Featuring essays by Ksenia Nouril and Dina Akhmadeeva, the catalogue demonstrates print’s unique ability to convey the conjunction of scholarly analysis, humor, and generosity of spirit that has become a trademark of the collective’s output.
  • Puzzle – Nora Turato
    Nora Turato’s 1000 piece jig saw puzzle is a great example of the artist’s capabilities in tying together corporate paradigms, seditious messages and ambiguous pictorial graphics, connecting fundamental premises with a lucid understanding and sensitivity.
  • The O.G. Vol. 15: Elements for a Conversation – Amy Sillman
    A unique set of 14 postcards bundled together with a list of 100 possible recipients and brief instructions.

    The editions by Nora Turato and Amy Sillman were developed as part of the offline project Solitude.

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