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Bookshop deal 1 - Emmanuelle Quertain

Emmanuelle Quertain


  • Product  
  • Three catalogs (blue, red, yellow)  
  • Pages  
  • 3 x 112  

Bookshop deal 1 – Emmanuele Quertain consists of the EQSNC Mail Order Catalog in the three color variations: blue, red and yellow.

The artist publication EQSNC (Mail Order Catalog) consists of an exhaustive overview of the digital experiments that Emmanuelle Quetain developped during the summer of 2020 at the Frans Masereel Centrum within the framework of Hibernus#1.

Image after image Quertain interweaves visual and linguistic motifs based on the idea of liquidating or diluting language. Using a digital scanner, Quertain created distorted glitch depictions of her oil paintings and dictionary entries, images that represent visual and written language. The experimental process, in which an image achieves liquid-like qualities, reflects the violence contained within excess and fast consumption. This puts into perspective, on the one hand, the authority of language and, on the other, the value of painting within the art market. The simple aesthetic gesture also embodies the comparable characteristics of light and water within the artistic working process.

EQSNC gives the research project an alternate form. As a mail order catalog it is conceived as a near commercial way to ‘show in tiny models’ a range of work in a specific technique and duration of time, in the manner of Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise.


The publication was nominated for the Prize Bob Calle in 2023.
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