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Application Form School residency

Applications for school residencies in 2018 are open for submission. School residencies will take place from september 28th up to November 30th, 2018. Deadline submission is May 31, 2018.

1. Contact information


International nr, starting with +
International nr, starting with +
Please fill out the information as it should appear on the envelope, to avoid delays in the correspondence.

Billing information

Contact person

International nr, starting with +
International nr, starting with +


2. School residency

A school residency is a unique opportunity for art students to collectively work on a contemporary print project. Within an international context and in a well equipped printmaking workshop, the students work on their artistic project guided by their teacher. 
Frans Masereel Centre stimulates the graphical experiment in the workshop. For inspiration, it organizes weekly print related artist talks.


This residency program is organised only for students in their master or postgraduate year. Every art school with a master or postgraduate programme can apply for a residency period of one week or two weeks. Also students with no prior graphic technical knolledge are welcome as well, as long as the school provides a teacher with the necessary background to help the students.

Applications for school residencies in 2018 are open for submission. School residencies will take place from september 28th up to November 30th, 2018. Deadline submission is May 31, 2018.


3. Artistic project description

Selection criterion

Frans Masereel Centre is a graphic laboratory in which the possibilities of graphic applications are being researched, widened and reformulated. The focus is on creation and experimentation in the workshop. The project that schools wish to realize during the residency reflects this artistic view on graphic techniques. 
In the project description, the school clearly states what value the graphic techniques add to the project and how the medium fits into its artistic concept. The project is contemporary relevant.

Formulate a short content description of the project the school wishes to realize during its residency. If you have chosen a collective project with another school, please describe how the collaboration happens specifically.
Characters left: Counter

4. General conditions

This formula includes accomodation, sheets and the use of the workshop and basic materials. The school provides specific inks and paper.
The costs will be billed to the school and not to students individually. If the bill is not settled within 30 days after the billing date, the residency will be cancelled automatically. Schools who bring less students than the maximum number of the formula will be billed for the total amount of the formula.


  • The school fills out the online application form by deadline: May 31th 2018.
  • Before June 15th, 2018 Frans Masereel Centre informs the school whether or not she has been selected. After this confirmation, the bill is sent to the school, based on the application and the period mentioned in the application.
  • Before July 1st, 2016 a contract is made and will be signed by both parties before July1st 2018.
  • Up until three months before the residency, cancellation of the residency is free of charge. After this date, 30% of the amount due will be billed. (see house rules)
  • 14 days prior to the start of the residency, the schools hands in the final list with the names of the students, the number of sheet sets and the final arrival and departure schedule. The list is part of the contract.


The school declares that the students and teachers are insured for their entire stay at Frans Masereel Centre and also during their trips from and back to the centre.

House rules

The school declares to have read the house rules of Frans Masereel Centre and to take full responsibility for the students’ compliance with the rules.

Next deadlines

Deadline for school residencies in 2019 are not yet known 

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