Frans Masereel Centre is a place where national and international artists, researchers and graphic designers reside, meet and experiment.

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Residencies 2020-2021

Research residency 2020


To ensure the objectivity, quality and diversity, Frans Masereel Center works with a selection committee. This committee is responsible for the selection of residents for the three different types of residence that the Frans Masereel Center provides: the general, research and essay residency. The selection is made through a number of criteria and takes place three weeks after the submission date of the registration files.

How to sign up?

-The selection committee accepts digital application files (digital files can be uploaded via our website)
-Print of ID or Passport
-Curriculum vitae of the last 3 years
-Motivation or statement: A clear declaration and a clear wording of the planned residency. What is the objective, methodology and planning?
It is also important to clearly state what (technical) material or facilities are needed to conduct this research. Finally, this motivation may also contain additional information or any results from a previous investigation.
-Max. 10 MB per application file


The project, as described and motivated in the application, is in relation to the operation of Frans Masereel Center. It creates added value for both parties and for current art events.
The candidate anticipates the historical and contemporary cultural context of the medium.
The candidate expresses in the personal motivation the choice for the medium graphics and the need for participation in the residency of Frans Masereel Center in the form of a research residency.

The essay can relate to one or several resident artists, to an exhibition on graphic media or to research about the graphic medium.


The cost of 350 euro per week includes accomodation, sheets and the use of the workshop and basic materials. Specific inks and paper should be brought along. For more information about the general conditions please read the Frans Masereel Centre house rules (download link below) or our information brochure that we send you after you're selected.

The only way to sign up for a residency is via an online form on this website, and not by email. Only when the new deadlines are known, this form will be online. From then on, you can submit your application. A committee does the final selection.

Artists/researchers working together, need to apply separately, and mention the name of the artist they're working with. The fee is also to be paid separately (p.p.) for the entire period.

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