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Paula Garcìa Arizcun


I was born in Madrid, Spain. Where I got my degree on Engraving and Printmaking Techniques, and Graphic Design at School of Art n.10.
My work is based on drawing and printmaking understanding both as artistic expressions media. My work tends to simplicity, refers to instants and sensations, claiming the essential opposite to decorative and/or explanation imposes.
The creation moment is very intimate for me, I work on my drawings as a way of expressing my imaginary, my worries, the vision I have got from the things around, most of which I do not comprehend. Personally, I consider the creative process as a fundamental part to understand my work. The act of drawing, the sound of the pencil or the plume on the paper, the trace, mistakes and successes.
What attracts me of printmaking more than its primitive quality of reproducing images, is the way I solve and work my drawings and ideas with various techniques, until obtaining what I want. Lithography is the technique I work most with. It is very direct and lets me work the trace, something very present in my work. As well as adapting to my way of working.

Madrid, Spain 
+0034 699896840

Watch the video she made during her residency at Frans Masereel Centrum.

Research residency
03.01.2012 - 24.02.2012





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