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Evelien Gysen

Evelien Gysen is captivated by the manipulated image that serves as a point of departure or inspiration for her own work.
She is fascinated by the pixel within large advertising posters, the ‘noise’ on cheap xerography, (old) updated photos on post cards and magazines, found photos on the internet,....
In her work she wants to reinterpret this graphic images her own way. The actual photographic image that is already an illusion in itself, is further changed, ‘flattered’, 'uglified' or transformed into an entirely proper image: an image that says more about the unconscious of man (desire for perfection, expressing fears, thinking in clichés) than about the reality itself from which it is created.
With the new  media techniques she generates images quickly. With graphical techniques she unfolds the images to rebuild them afterwards. By following a few simple graphical steps the images get a different reality.
The images that Evelien Gysen creates this way often seems twilight zones where reigns a timelessness.

Pareidolia, the notion of recognizing patterns whereof the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none exists, is at the centre of Evelien Gysen’s lens based and graphic art. Hermetically sealed landscapes - made up of pixelated versions of photographed models - contribute to illusion and its equivalent: the observation of an unreliable authentic. Her vagaries provoke an unsettling intrigue, where fantasy and belief collude to atone for the under-stipulated lure of meaning. The false positives occasioned by human fragility, underpin a necessity for the contemporary icon which Evelien's oeuvre satisfies. Evelien narrates an ambience where reality and illusion walk closely together.

General Residency
18.09.2017 - 29.09.2017


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